Print Fleet Management

HP 4730 Colour Copier

No business is complete without a photocopier. This is simply because at various points in time, documents will need to be duplicated for whatever reason. It is much cheaper, in the long run, to have your own photocopier than to be constantly visiting a shop that offers photocopying services and paying out money each time. That being said, each business must have its own print fleet management system in place to make everybody’s work a little easier. When considering to buy a photocopier, you need to decide whether you want one that prints in black and white or colour. World Trade Office Solutions leases and sells a range of copiers made by well known manufacturers like HP, Copystar, Kyocera, and Xerox.

In addition to photocopiers, World Trade Office Solutions also has in stock black and white and colour printers, fax machines, high speed scanners, and digital duplicators. They also have available every type of toner for all the equipment that they sell and lease. All of the printing and copying equipment that they sell are of the highest standard and are rugged, so they are able to take on just about any task you have for them. Some of the other services that World Trade Office Solutions offers include IT Support, Document Workflow Analysis, and Customer Support.

Therefore, if you do not presently have a print fleet management system in place and need to set one up, visit the World Trade Office Solutions for more details on all the equipment that they sell so that you can know which solutions would be best for your business. In case you need a price estimate for the equipment that you want, they can provide it for you too. If you want to talk to someone on the phone, you can give them a call at 212-267-0500.

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