Wall and Floor Glass Tiles


I have seen many kitchens and bathrooms over the years that had nice colours painted on the walls, and even ones that had on wall paper as part of the finish. One thing, however, that I have realized they all have in common is the fact that they get dirty over time and then eventually have to be repainted. This can be a lot of work, especially if the walls cover a considerable area. This led me to consider easier ways in which people could maintain their kitchen and bathroom walls. Then I realized that a glass tile is something that is easy to clean and only takes a few minutes to become sparkling again. So, the simple solution would be to tile kitchen and bathroom walls with glass tiles. The floor tiles too in the kitchen and bathrooms can also be maintained much easier if glass tiles are used instead of ordinary floor tiles.

There are many different brands, sizes, and designs of wall and floor glass tiles available on the market today. A few of them are the Sumatra 3/4×3/4, TLLC2X2 Simply White 2 x 2, Amber SO74 1×1 Mosaic, Captiva 3/4×3/4 (pictured above), Key West 3/4×3/4, Honey Maple 3/4×3, PR080.103033 Sea Glass Iridescent, Cloud 3/4×3/4, Montauk 3/4×3/4, and lots more. You can get these and other designs from BuyTile.com. Check out the inventory on their website, or give them a call at 1-888-355-TILE. You may also chat to them live on their website. Turn your boring kitchen and bathroom walls and floors into lively spaces with quality, affordable glass tiles from BuyTile.com that are easy to maintain and will definitely add lots of life to the room.

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