Adjustable Air Beds vs. Sleep Number Beds

Adjustable Air Beds vs. Sleep Number Beds


We all have different comfort levels when it comes to the type of bed that we prefer to sleep on. As such, we look for the most comfortable ones that money can buy so that we can have a good nights rest. To this end, many persons have decided to use adjustable air beds that give them “personalized comfort at the touch of a button.” DiscountedAirBeds has a wide selection of Inno Beds that are adjustable and much cheaper than any sleep number bed you may have heard of. When you compare the prices of the Inno Beds Air series to that of Sleep Number Beds, you will see that Inno Beds are 50% cheaper than Sleep Number Beds.

Let’s say that you need a new bed and decide to shop for it at DiscountedAirBeds. You will be presented with comparisons of their Inno Beds to the Sleep Number Beds. For example, there are comparisons between the Adjustable Air Beds 4500 and Sleep Number Beds 5000, the Adjustable Air Beds 5500 and the Sleep Number 6000 Bed, Adjustable Air Bed 7500 and the Sleep Number 7000 Bed, and Adjustable Air Bed 9500 and the Sleep Number 9000 Bed. You will not only see that Inno Beds are a better value for money, but that they are very comfortable. With that in mind, make DiscountedAirBeds your only stop for comfortable air beds that will make you sleep like a baby.


Elly Posted on4:36 pm - July 7, 2009

A good debate could start here, nice topic for me I would have to give the advantage to air beds, the comfort factor is excellent not to mention it gives pretty good assistance to your back and if you have any issues in that area or elsewhere they will surely give you the support and nights sleep you need, theres a vote my way for airbeds and if you are interested I found a great place that sells discount inflatable air beds, happy sleeping

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Peter Carminati Posted on12:43 am - April 27, 2014

Are the INNO beds chemical free? I have bad allergies and need to have a mattress that is not loaded with fire retardants.
I do not smoke.

Thanking you in advance,
Peter C.

    Kraig Grayson Posted on5:33 pm - May 13, 2014

    As far as I am aware they are chemical free.

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