Remove Unwanted Pet Hair With PetVac

Now you can convert any vacuum into a super versatile wet and dry PetVac. PetVac easily hooks up to any vacuum cleaner, be it an Upright, Mini-Vac, Cannister, or Central Vacuum. It is able to go where vacuums have never gone before. Use it to clean fireplaces and flues, wet and dry vac your stairs, unclog drains without chemicals, and reach in high places with no problem.

PetVac Grooming can also be done on your pets. You can use it to remove unwanted pet hair from your pet with ease. Simply attach PetVac to your vacuum using the included adaptor, use the optional Shed Eliminator to gently remove loose unwanted hair, then use PetVac to gently remove the hair from your pet. If there are signs of pet hair on the ground or anywhere else, PetVac can clean it up with ease. So, if you have pets and want to remove unwanted hair from their bodies, use PetVac to gently do the job.

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