Aqua Globes

Aqua Globesâ„¢ watering bulbs are an attractive solution for automatic houseplant watering. All you need to do is fill the hand blown stained glass bulbs as the plant needs it. Aqua Globesâ„¢ watering bulbs are a great alternative to the daily chore of watering plants, and it is an excellent choice for automatic watering while on vacation or if you are spending a protracted period away from home for some other reason.

As the soil becomes dry, it releases oxygen into the Aqua Globeâ„¢ watering bulbs, which in turn releases the exact amount of water your plant needs. No need to worry about your plants getting too much water.

Here are some cool things about Aqua Globesâ„¢:

* For indoor and outdoor potted plants
* Automatically waters houseplants for up to 2 weeks
* Hand-blown glass designs adds beauty to your plants
* Includes gift boxes for sharing with friends and family

Get your Aqua Globesâ„¢ today and enjoy the ease of automatically watering your plants.

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