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Most persons are accustomed to having ceramic or aluminum sinks in their homes. They do look good and last for many years without any sign of deterioration. But what if you could change them out and put in sinks that are a bit more rustic? If you feel a desire to change the sinks in your house, or even the ones on the outside, you could consider using vessel sinks that are made from stone. One can just imagine how durable and strong they are as we all know that stone is a tough material.

The sinks are made from high quality mineral stones like onyx, travertine, and marble. The finish on the sinks is truly pretty and will add a new touch of class to your home. You can use them in your bathroom, kitchen, or even as an external wash area sink. The Paredon Travertine Vessel Sink (pictured above) is an example of the craftsmanship of stone vessel sinks. You can get your own by visiting the website of Wholesale Stone Sinks, or you can call them toll free at 866-540-SINK. Reasonably priced, it will not take you out of budget and will certainly bring a nice change to the area it is installed in.

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  1. the vessel sink in your picture really blends in with the counter.

    Vessel Sink Onlineâ₉„¢s last blog post..The Bits and Pieces That Go With a Vessel Sink

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