Great Scott’s, Susan Boyle Has Done It Again

Great Scott’s, Susan Boyle Has Done It Again

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I am sure that when I say the name Susan Boyle you know who I am talking about immediately. Yep, that same Scottish woman who won the hearts of millions of viewers from all over the world on the popular “Britain’s Got Talent” show. Her first song from “Les Miserables” entitled “I Dreamed a Dream” brought her great acclaim and a standing ovation that was unprecedented before she started singing the song. Not the looker, she surely did not make her appearance any better with her hair looking all ‘gone with the wind’, but it was her voice that made the difference, and after all she went there to sing, not for a fashion show. I too was amazed at the strength and power of her voice, so I just wanted to share with you all the latest song that she did on “Britain’s Got Talent” entitled “Memory” from . I am sure you will be blown away too.

By the way, Susan Boyle has made it to the finals of the competition. Imagine that! A 47 year old from one of the poorest districts in Scotland has made it to the finals of “Britain’s Got Talent”. It just goes to show that no matter who you are, or where you are from, once you have a dream you can live it and succeed. All the best Susan!

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