Review Central Now Available on iPod and PDA

If you are a frequent visitor to Review Central and you have an iPod or PDA, there is good news for you. You can now view Review Central using your iPod and PDA. Simply type in the URL to Review Central just like you would in a desktop computer or laptop browser and voila! there we are. The supported browsers and devices are:

✔ Elaine/3.0
✔ iPhone
✔ iPod
✔ Palm
✔ EudoraWeb
✔ Blazer
✔ AvantGo
✔ Windows CE
✔ Cellphone
✔ Small
✔ MMEF20
✔ Danger
✔ hiptop
✔ Proxinet
✔ ProxiNet
✔ Newt
✔ PalmOS
✔ NetFront
✔ SonyEricsson
✔ SymbianOS
✔ UP.Browser
✔ UP.Link
✔ TS21i-10
✔ portalmmm
✔ DoCoMo
✔ Opera Mini
✔ Palm
✔ Handspring
✔ Nokia
✔ Kyocera
✔ Samsung
✔ Motorola
✔ Mot
✔ Smartphone
✔ Blackberry
✔ SonyEricsson
✔ PlayStation Portable
✔ LG
✔ Symbian

Now you can read the latest posts on Review Central anywhere you go. Don’t forget that you can also keep in touch with all updates on Review Central right from your browser with our toolbar. With so many different ways of getting information from Review Central, you are bound to never miss a post.

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