How To Adjust The Size of an Image

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This is one of the easiest things to do. First off though, many persons do not know how to do it, so this is actually for them. Let’s say that you have an image or graphic that you need on your website but it is too large and you need to scale it down, or it may be too small so you need to increase its size. You would need to adjust the height and width of the image to a size that will fit better on your page. The general code for adding an image to a web page is

<img src=’path to your image’ width=’width value’ height =’height value’ alt=’your image tag’>

To change the size of the image, simply change the height and width values. So if your image was too large, you simply use smaller values, and vice-versa. If your image size was, for example

<img src=’path to your image’ width=’1000′ height =’500′ alt=’your image tag’>

and you need to make it smaller, simply lessen the height and width values, which would end up looking something like

<img src=’path to your image’ width=’500′ height =’250′ alt=’your image tag’>

A key thing to note in resizing images is keeping the aspect ratio, i.e. to prevent distortion the ratio of the width to the height must remain the same, no matter the size. In the example above, the first image size was 1000 px** wide by 500 px high, a ratio of 2:1 (since the width is two times the height). The second image size was 500 px wide and 250 px high, still a ratio of 2:1.

** ‘px’ stands for pixels

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