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Each year, thousands of persons over the age of 50 injure themselves at home when they fall. In most cases, there is no one there to help them to get back on their feet or even carry them to the hospital should it become necessary. The unfortunate thing in all this is that many die as a result of the severity of their injuries, which if treated sooner could have saved their lives. The reason why that is usually the case is because senior citizens, despite their age and sometimes frail conditions, still want to be independent. That is why many opt to live on their own while allowing family and friends to visit occasionally to check up on them. But there are times when they fall and are unable to get back up even to make a call. That is why it is important for them to get a Medical Alarm that will automatically alert medical personnel when they fall.

The Medical Alarm has the ability to sense when someone falls and immediately contact the company that is monitoring them. BrickHouse Alert offers this quality service at an affordable price. In any instance, no matter the cost, if you have a parent or aunt or any other relative over 50 who lives by themselves, you will definitely want peace of mind knowing that they are being ‘watched over’ by caring professionals. In addition to being able to detect when someone falls and call for help, the system can detect if there is no movement in the house for a prolonged period and then alerts the BrickHouse Alert team who immediately call the house. If there is no answer, they send help right away.

What if your aged relative needs to go on the road, or tend to stray from the house? There is another Medical Alarm in the form of a GPS Tracking Bracelet that has a 2-way speakerphone so they can use it like a cell phone and call for help. If the wearer wanders away due to some mental illness, the GPS tracker will find them. So you can rest assured that the BrickHouse Alert Medical Alarms will keep a close watch on you if you are over 50 and need that little extra assistance, and family members can feel safe knowing that you are in good hands.

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  1. what a great article, I really appreciate your voice and the knowledge you are putting out there into the public I didn’t even know this but there are
    medical alert bracelets out there now that look stylish!!

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