– Make Long URL’s Much Shorter

The following is NOT a paid post:

Those of us who are a part of affiliate programs know that affiliate links can be quite long at times. Even when they are not all that long, people can steal our commissions by removing our affiliate ID’s from the affiliate link and replacing it with their own. Whatever the case, we all need a way to shorten our affiliate URL’s, or even internal URL’s of our websites, and also cloak our affiliate links so as to guard our commissions. A great way of accomplishing all that would be to use a short URL service that cloaks affiliate links and shortens long URL’s. offers that service online for free. And get this: your shortened URL never expires! also allows you to choose what words or phrase you want at the end of your shortened URL. That means instead of getting some random letters, you can choose your own identifier. For example, if you are shortening a link to a wine website, you could end up with a URL like ‘’ if you choose ‘wine’ as the identifier. It’s that easy. is the intelligent choice for making your long URL’s short and cloaking your affiliate links. So visit the website today to shorten your long URL’s and cloak your affiliate links.

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