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There are many people who enjoy camping and hiking activities from time to time. Some persons do it as a means of exercise while others do it for sport and fun. For others, it is a part of the job that they do, like researchers and scientists. But no matter your reason for camping or hiking, what you wear is just as important. There are many different types of clothing and shoes that you can wear to keep you safe from the elements. It makes no sense going into the mountains where there are sharp stones, thorns, thistles, and prickly bushes wearing floppy slippers, a short skirt or regular pants, and a simple tee shirt or blouse. Just as you need the right tool for any job, you also need the right clothes for the job.

Two important things that you will need once you plan on going camping are a tent and sleeping bag. Imagine having no roof over your head and sleeping on the hard ground after a whole days trek up a mountain! That would be quite an uncomfortable situation indeed. So ensure that you pack them along with your other camping stuff. Equally important are the hiking boots that you are going to wear. Crepes are definitely not fit for rugged terrain, so you will need a good pair of quality rugged boots. If you are hiking on a paved or well-kept trail, you will need trail running shoes that are comfortable and fit your feet properly.

Be well prepared for your camping and hiking activities. Ensure that you have the right gear and clothing. The more prepared you are, the more enjoyable your journey will be. Oh, and one more thing. Carry a pair of binoculars with you so that you can see if there is any danger ahead, or so that you can take a better look at nature from a distance. Now you can go ahead and have fun.

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  2. ooh yeah, what you wear is REALLY just as important! so always practice to have a checklist. and pick hiking gear and clothes that are sturdy and learn to properly take care of ’em..

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