876Mail – Low Priced Email Service Provider

The following is NOT a paid post:

876Mail, the Internets Premier Email Service Provider, has been relaunched with a new website design and even lower user fees. For just $1.00 a month, you can access their paid email service which boasts improved spam protection, 24 hour support, and an upgraded autoresponder. The site now loads much faster, giving you access to your email much quicker than before. In addition, account holders can now sign-in from the main page.

Other features that are included in the package are:

– Accessing your E-mail Accounts From Anywhere In The World
– POP3 mailboxes (you can use Outlook or any other email client to access your email – no need to sign-in directly at 876Mail’s main page)
– E-mail Forwarding
– Create multiple Mail Groups
– Anti Virus Protection

If you need an email address that guarantees you will get all your messages, unless you decide to filter certain ones, 876Mail is the answer. Benefit from their low $0.03 (yep, that’s 3 cents) a day price. Sign up for your account today.

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