Grad School Application Essay

Grad School Application Essay

One of the hardest things that hundreds of persons have tried and not been successful in doing is entering Graduate School. This is sometimes due to the fact that their grad school application essay did not effectively highlight how they can contribute to the mix of aptitudes, personal experiences, and personalities of the persons who applied for the same program they did. Instead of getting disheartened, such persons can take comfort in the fact that there is help out there, a company that will help them with their application essays so that they can stand a better of chance of getting into Graduate School. Admissions Essays is that company. Their goal is to help student applicants reach their admissions goals to the schools and programs of their choice, programs such as the Sciences, Engineering, Public Affairs, and Social Services and Humanities, just to name a few.

Admissions Essays was formed in the 1990’s by three classmates and friends at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. They all shared the common goal of helping student applicants get into grad school. From that dream has blossomed a very effective and successful service that thousands of students have used over the years to get their grad school application essays that have earned them a place among the less than 20% of highly qualified applicants that grad schools accept annually. Admissions Essays owes its success to the writers, editors, counselors, and admissions officials on their team who all share in its mission. When you pay a visit to their website, you get access to free sample essays, and you can even read about their many success stories. If you choose use their services, they offer a 3 day express service or 7 day regular service, in addition to discounts of up to 20% for multiple essay packages.

So, if you need to get into Graduate School and need a professionally done essay that “sells” you to the school of your choice, you can request help from Admissions Essays. Their team of professionals will give you a winning essay that will bolster your chances of getting accepted.

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