Squirrel Repellant

Squirrels are animals that love nuts, fruits, berries, insects every now and then, and bird seed. We see them a lot between spring and autumn, but as many of us know they can be quite a nuisance. It is true that they are cute, but they are also pesky little critters. There are a number of things that squirrels do that can be quite annoying. For instance, they love eating eating bird feeder seed which deprives the poor birds of their food. There are times too when they get stuck in your chimneys, crawl under crawl spaces and expire leaving that area really stink, and squirrels also tend to go into attics or rafters and cause all sorts of trouble by chewing up the insulation and electrical wiring. To minimize the possibility of all these, and other, problems from arising, you need to get a squirrel repellant.

Many of us like animals, and there are laws that protect wildlife, so we do not want to harm them in any way. That is why the squirrel repellant that you use has to only repel the squirrels, not kill them. Havahart® products can be your solution to effectively repelling squirrels. As a leading manufacturer of caring control products for pets and wild life, Havahart® guarantees that no harm will come to them. One of the products that you can use is the Deer Off® Deer & Squirrel Repellent. It comes concentrated in sizes ranging from 16 oz. to 2.5 gal., all of which can be diluted to give you gallons of mixture that you can use over a wide surface area.

So, if you are having squirrel trouble, you need to get a squirrel repellant from Havahart®. Summer is here and you know that they are going to come around your house and create some sort of mischief. Keep them away safely by using a squirrel repellant. Doing so can mean the difference between a peaceful summer and one that you spend chasing squirrels away. The choice is yours!

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