How To Get Text to Blink on Your Web Pages

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Ever wondered how webmasters and programmers get text to blink on web pages? This is what I am talking about: This Text is Blinking!

It is very easy to do. Simply write the text that you want to see blinking and wrap this code around it: <blink>YOUR TEXT</blink>.

So, in order for the words above that are blinking to blink, my code was: <blink>This Text is Blinking!</blink>

That is how easy it is. Give it a try and see for yourself. Now you will be able to make important points stand out on your web pages by making the text blink.

One thought on “How To Get Text to Blink on Your Web Pages

  1. Great post but tell how we can make a text blink while it is having a url???

    Also tell how we can bold or change the hieght and width of text while blinking????

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