Tips on Using Your Money

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Here are a few things to consider when you are using your money during these hard times:

(1) Shop around for what you want. You will be surprised how much you save just doing that.
(2) Never lend more than you can afford to lose. Since many people are out of work or losing their jobs, the person you lend money may never be able to repay you.
(3) Save at least 10% of what you earn each month.
(4) Buy within your means. Do not spend more than you earn.
(5) Invest some of your money in government bonds if you are able to. They are guaranteed to give you returns.
(6) Prioritize. Buy what you NEED before what you want.
(7) Ensure that your bills, like utility bills, are paid first. Everything else can come after.

There are many more things that you can think about when it comes to spending your money wisely. Sit down and think them out and make a notation of them. Over time, you will see the benefits of your efforts.

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