How To Sharpen a Machete

How To Sharpen a Machete

A tool that we are all familiar with is the machete. It is used to perform many tasks like chopping wood, cutting cane, cutting meat, chopping grass, and felling trees. Over time and through constant use, it can get dull. This may seem odd but many people do not know how to properly sharpen a machete. It is quite simple in fact. All you really need is a machete file or a sharpening stone or a grinder.

If you are using a machete file, simply place the tip of the machete against a sold surface (preferably a tree as this will allow the machete to slightly sink into it, providing a firmer grip). Then turn the side that you want to sharpen towards you and stroke the file downwards on the sharp edge of the machete. This action must be done along the full length of the sides, for about 2 minutes per side. To test if it is sharp enough for you, use the machete to cut a piece of paper vertically while holding it up. If the machete cuts it easily, then you do not need to sharpen it anymore.

The same procedure applies if you are using a sharpening stone. If you are using a grinder, make sure you have on protective eye wear (very essential) and a pair of cloth gloves (if you have any). Slide the blade face across the grinder in even motions, doing so for both sides. Test the sharpness using the same paper procedure mentioned above.

Now you have a sharpened machete. Chop away!

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