Make Money With Your Links and by Referring Your Friends

Make Money With Your Links and by Referring Your Friends

How would you like to make money with your links and by referring your friends? If you would then listen up. You can get paid to post links on Facebook, in forums, on blogs, just about anywhere. You will earn money, be able to track your stats, earn money from your referrals, earn money with your bookmarks, and lots more! In order for you to track your stats and earn some money, you have to register now.

Our system brings money to your pockets as it serves as a medium through which you can archive and bookmark all your favourite links across the web and earn money doing so. Each day, millions of links are being posted on social networks like Facebook and Myspace without any rewards to the user. But today you will be able to earn using our system. There is no limit to how much you can make. The more links you create the better. You can even make money by referring your friends, up to 5 levels! Our payout rates are as follows:

* Interstitial: Every 1000 visits earn you $1.00
* Banner: Every 2000 visits earn you $1.00
* None: Every 100000 visits earn you $1.00

You can withdraw your earnings using PayPal and ePassporte. So start earning money from your links and by referring friends. To sign up now, click here.


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