AdBoards – The Undiscovered Goldmine of Visitor Flow

Marketers are frequently convinced that search engines and pay-per-click programs are genuine and reliable sources of visitors. Alternative ways of advertising are often being scouted. Thatâ₉„¢s so unnecessary!

After testing several different strategies of web promotion, the results were unexpectedly surprising: Free AdBoards can provide you with 5 to 60 unique and very interesting visitors every day.

I am not talking about websites of discussion forum type that allow advertising tons of all sorts of rubbish, but the simplified versions of Free Classifieds. Such Free AdBoards websites as BusinessFreeAd, Avgo or SkyAdBoard allow visitors to place their promotional text lines directly on the front page. New promotional headlines are placed on top of the list, by pushing the previous ones one line below. Some AdBoards allow placing a certain number of promotional lines with no additional conditions, while others require clicking on somebody elseâ₉„¢s promotional line before letting you place your own headline. In order to advertise successfully on AdBoards, it is very important to know the audience of such websites and to understand some psychological moments.

The audience is here is very specific. 70 percent of AdBoards visitors are flouncing beginners that register with several promising affiliate programs and are feverishly trying to earn the promised piles of gold by advertising their programs without any strategy, in allowable and unallowable ways. They are willing to try out whichever â₁“magic” way of marketing. 20 percent are webmasters and 10 percent are professionals that know exactly what they are doing and what their goals are. I would say that such flow of visitors is every traderâ₉„¢s dream!

And respectively, super magic web promotion and make money â₉€œ quick and easy are the ads that receive the biggest attention of visitors.

The crucial element of success is correct understanding of psychological moments of advertising on Free AdBoard websites.

Keep it simple! Your promotional headline has about 5 seconds to draw the visitorâ₉„¢s attention. Therefore, the text of the message must be short, clear and gripping. Remember â₉€œ if the visitor understands the text he is interested in easily and clearly during a very short time, there is a huge possibility that he will click on it. Use words that are short, describe your product most exactly, attract attention and stimulate emotions. Just because a program provides you with an opportunity to enter a long text, it doesnâ₉„¢t mean you have to grab it. In this case, the rule that applies is: less is more. When somebody eventually visits you website after clicking on your reference, you will be able to introduce the product in more detail. Perform this small test: imagine yourself as a visitor looking at your advertisement text for the first time. Would you be interested? Would you be able to understand its offer? If not, a lot of people are going to feel the same way.

Stay on top of the list! Free AdBoards are highly trafficked sites. People often come back several times a day. Try to make sure that your advertisement is in front of their eyes every time. Personally, I would recommend programs that donâ₉„¢t include compulsory clicks. Such programs as BusinessFreeAd or Avgo send you less but higher quality visitors. If they have to click compulsorily, the visitors usually click on the first occurring headline and only wish to place their promotional line, without showing any interest in the website they open. My personal statistics shows that, from 800 unique visitors visiting my website every day, around 30 come thanks to Free AdBoards. And from 56 new members registering every day, around 9 are the audience of Free AdBoards. This is an unusually high rate! And it proves my proposition: Free AdBoards is an undiscovered goldmine of visitor flow, possessing resources that will pleasantly surprise both a beginner and an experienced prairie wolf! You can even get your own Free Adboard and start making money from it.

About The Author
Dee Eglinas is the president of Free Classifieds for Small Business

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