Templates – Website, Flash, Logo, Corporate Identities, PHP-Nuke Themes, Flash Intros, Full Site Templates

If you are looking for Templates, Website Templates, Flash Templates, Logo Templates, Corporate Identities, PHP-Nuke Themes, Flash Intros, and Full Site Templates, there are two places that you can go to get them at reasonable prices. They are:

(1) Templates Central
(2) Templates by KGBIZ05

They even have FREE sample templates that you can download and use. There are also FREE cliparts that you can download and use in whatever way you like. Both sites offer an affiliate program whereby you can make 20% commission on the sale of each website sold through your affiliate link.

So go and get great templates for your websites at Templates Central and Templates by KGBIZ05 and also join their affiliate program and earn lots of money via your affiliate link.

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