Keyword Country – Reviewed Inside Out

Using Keyword Country for keyword research is just like searching on Google. Yes, you get the relevant keyword results right away with all the details that you need to be successful with AdSense! Just imagine Google suggesting keywords for your website! Well, this is what you will feel while searching keywords via Keyword Country.

This is not all! I strongly feel that Keyword Country seems to have discovered a way through which it can suggest keywords that attract traffic, get more clicks, and fetch you more EPC.

Keyword Country positions itself as a “Keyword Search Engine”. And quite obviously, I was more than curious to test whether or not the product stands up to what it commits. Here is what I found:

In fact, I have been keeping an eye on Keyword Country for quite some time now. I must say when Keyword Country started off, it was not so striking. But, their latest version seems to have done the trick!

Just type-in a keyword in Keyword Country and you have millions of relevant keywords within a few seconds, each with key details like:

  • Max CPC
  • Number of Advertisers
  • Number of Clicks per month
  • Estimated EPC
  • Number of competitors
  • KEI Analysis
  • R/S Ratio
  • Number of Searches (according to Overture)
  • Traffic on Google (estimated), and much more!

Keyword Country is really user friendly. In fact, using it is as easy as walking down a smooth lane in the bright sunshine with both eyes wide open. More importantly, what impressed me a lot is the way Keyword Country produces thousands of high paying keywords and niche keywords in the blink of an eye.

Keyword Country allows you to search for keywords in 3 different ways, namely via Basic Search, Advanced Search, and Price Range Search. At the outset, I thought they were shuffling the same keywords in the three different searches. But no! The results are actually search specific and enable you to choose the best keywords that suit your requirements. There is no cheating in their search results.

I was planning for an auto loan, so I tried the keyword “loan”. I just typed the keyword in BASIC Search and I got 21,086 relevant keywords within a few seconds, each with key details like Max CPC, Number of Advertisers, Number of Clicks per month, Estimated EPC, Number of competitors, KEI Analysis, R/S Ratio, Number of Searches (according to Overture), and Traffic on Google.

I was really impressed by the relevancy of the keywords that I found. The results are so relevant that you can actually export the list and use it right away in your website without even filtering out any record. However, the results become a bit irrelevant as you dig deep into the list (just like in a search engine). But, I must say that the results seem to have been sorted by humans, and not by software. It is more like stealing the keyword research from a professional SEO.

Not just this, I had another option of choosing high paying keywords from 206 different sub-categories for the search term – Loan. I picked – Auto loan, and Keyword Country listed 1,257 keywords for the sub-category – Auto loan.

Price Range Searching is another remarkable feature Keyword Country boasts. This search enables you to search for the keywords within a specific price range. One of the key advantages of this kind of search is that it brings forth lots of low priced, hidden keywords that are really profitable. Besides, you can brainstorm new ideas for AdSense as well.

Above all things, it is the Advanced Searching option that makes Keyword Country a bit special. I think these guys have really thought hard! This time they have come up with a tool that allows you to do in-depth research for each keyword. Offering a variety of searching options just like Wild Cards of Google, Advanced Searching can sort results on the basis of Max CPC, Average CPC, Searches, Sponsors, or anything else you like.

After going through Keyword Country videos, Advanced Search starts making a lot of sense and you really get the hang of the powers of KC’s Advanced Search tool.

Sort the results by “Rating” and KC will give you only profitable keywords. Sort the results by “Clicks per month” and you will get the keywords that attract the most clicks for Google. Just integrate these keywords in your website and you will increase the chances of getting more CTR. Furthermore, there are many more types of keywords that you can find out with Keyword Country. Just run through the Keyword Country videos for complete details.

Here are the names of the videos on the KC site:

  • Finding high paying keywords
  • Finding Traffic attracting keywords
  • Finding High CTR keywords
  • Choosing better anchor text
  • User manual of KC

You can watch all of the videos right from the site by looking to the right where you see them with a green background and then clicking on “Watch Video” for the video you wish to see.

Besides, you can customize your search the way you want. Whether you type in a search query, or you search the keywords without typing in a search query, Keyword Country generates hordes of keywords spanning different industries. I won’t hesitate to say that I found such a tool after a long, long time! Well Done!

One of the most striking features of this software is “Blank Search”. Now, this is one feature that I have not seen anywhere else. Blank Search allows you to reach the most searched keywords on planet earth, most clicked keywords that exist, most high paying keywords, and most low competition high value keywords. Just leave the keyword field blank in Advanced Search and Keyword Country will give you such amazing lists. This feature makes Keyword Country really outstanding. I can’t believe they are selling its access so cheap!

They claim to be a “Keyword Search Engine”. I believe they have already achieved what they claim, and they are still making it better and better day by day. I am sure they can make their product even more special.

Keyword Country, the Good and the Bad

The Good

  • It’s not a Keyword list or keyword software, it’s a Keyword Search Engine.
  • Highly relevant keyword results that work. And all this, within a few seconds!
  • Displays everything you need to be successful with AdSense
    • Maximum CPC
    • Estimated EPC
    • Number of Sponsors
    • Number of Clicks per month
    • Profitability rankings
    • Number of competitors
    • Traffic on Overture
    • Traffic on Google (estimated)
    • KEI Analysis, R/S Ratio
  • Gives you access to:
    • Most searched keywords that exist on planet earth
    • Most clicked keywords
    • Most high paying keywords
    • Most low competition high value keywords
    • Anchor texts that work
  • Equips you with three unique searching tools – Basic Search, Price Range Search, and Advanced Search.
  • Provides you with lots of Niche Keywords from 600,000 industries.
  • Provides Keyword Map that comprises of hosts of categories such as Arts, Computers, Health, Games, News, and Society. Helps you brainstorm for new topic and research out new topics for your existing website.
  • Gives you amazing niche keywords.
  • Good for adsense as well as affiliate websites.

The Bad

  • Database conks out at times, but the frequency has been reduced tremendously.
  • Keyword map can be quite confusing because of its depth.
  • Does not allow any keyword additions to database.
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