Television Lifts

Where do you keep your plasma tv? Is it on a sturdy whatnot or on a flimsy little table? Don’t you wish you had somewhere to put it where it would be locked away when not in use? Why not consider getting a television lift system? These tv lifts are ideal for plasmas and have some great features that I am sure you will definitely like. ImportAdvantage is a well-known manufacturer of quality tv lift furniture cabinets and consoles that are automated. This means that you do not have to get up to open the doors of the tv lift to watch tv. You simply use the remote and the lift hoists the tv out of the console.

Television lifts can be used just about anywhere in your house. Some features of the tv lifts provided by ImportAdvantage include a built-in Infrared Repeater system, a remote controlled lift mechanism, and the larger models can hold plasma tv’s with up to 56″ screens. They are made from hand crafted top-quality woods like cherry, mahogany, pine and oak. Once you purchase your very own tv lift, it will be delivered to you free. When you buy directly from ImportAdvantage, you are getting the cabinets at prices that are about half what you would pay in a retail store. So save money today and buy your tv lift directly from them.

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