Change of Review Central’s Feedburner RSS URI

Review Central RSS

This post is simply to advise all my readers who have subscribed to the Review Central RSS Feed that if you subscribed BEFORE August 17, 2008, you will need to re-subscribe again. This is because I will be migrating the RSS Feed from the present Feedburner to the new Google owned Feedburner. As such, the RSS Feed link that existed before August 17 will soon be fazed out totally. If you do not re-subscribe now, you will not be able to get my blog updates by RSS, whether through a Feed Reader or by email, pretty soon. The new RSS Feed link for Review Central is now:

Please re-subscribe now before you forget. It only takes a few seconds to do it. I will however post one last reminder the day before the old Feed URI is completely removed. Thanks for your continued reading and I hope that no inconvenience will be caused by this necessary action.

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