Cancer is one word and illness that we all wish never existed. This is due to the fact it has taken so many lives over the years and in most cases it is untreatable especially if it is at an advanced stage. Some types of cancer that have become quite common include breast cancer, lung cancer, brain tumors, and ever increasing cases of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma has caught the world’s attention over the past few years due mainly to the fact that it is a cancer that is caused as a result of exposure to asbestos. Many persons who used to work in jobs that required them to handle asbestos, many of whom were never provided with protective gear, are now fretting that they may be next in line to get the dreaded mesothelioma. Many have died from it and yet still thousands more are presently ill with it or are showing symptoms of it.

Mesothelioma attacks the serous membranes that surround many of the body’s vital organs. The two main forms of mesothelioma that exist are pleural mesothelioma (it affects the membranes around the lungs) and peritoneal mesothelioma (it affects the lining of the abdomen). Other forms of mesothelioma do exist but are very rare. Unfortunately, there is no cure at present for malignant mesothelioma, but various treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation therapy are available. How long each person receives any form of treatment depends on where the disease is located, the stage that it is at, the persons age, and of course their overall health. Many clinical trials have been conducted in an effort to find a cure for mesothelioma. Hopefully one day there will be a breakthrough. Until then, if you or someone that you know is suffering from mesothelioma, make use of the treatment options that are available. For more information on mesothelioma in general and to find doctors who treat mesothelioma, visit America’s Mesothelioma Resource center.

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