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There are numerous complex financial functions that businesses have to compute on a daily basis. A few of these functions are currency management, consolidation, and job costing. It is not one of the easiest things for a human on his or her own to handle these daily tasks without the aid of software that makes the processes more manageable. As such, Prophix has introduced its revolutionary budget software that makes it simpler for persons who have to do complex financial calculations, all in a controlled environment. The software has a security feature that allows only authorized persons to view sensitive information.

Some of the other key benefits of the Prophix Budgeting Software include multiple budgeting or planning versions; user-defined data entry templates; charting in the data entry process; multi-year, side-by-side variance analysis; actual and historical data storage; multiple currency support; workflow management and approval process; multi-stakeholder management; scenario management; notes, comments and itemized supporting details; audit tracking; and e-mail distribution. If you would like to see the Prophix Budgeting Software in action, visit their website and click on the related link. In addition, if you want to learn more about this powerful software, you can watch the 11-Minute Prophix Autodemo, Prophix Express Autodeemo, and the Interactive Prophix Webinar on the site. Once you have seen them, you will be more than convinced that the Prophix Budget Software is the tool that your business needs to keep proper track of your finances. With so many benefits being offered, why settle for anything less? Get your Prophix Budget Software today.

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