Somerset Mortgage Lenders

Do you own your own home? If you do, then that is good, as long as you have finished paying for it. What if you have not finished paying for your home and need some cash to finance your payments, or what if you do not yet own a home? Then you need to talk to the experts at Somerset mortgage lenders. They provide refinancing at a lower interest rate when compared with other mortgage lenders. In addition, with their diverse FHA Loan programs, it is much easier to own your home. Seniors also benefit from the services of Somerset in that they get monthly tax-free payments if they have a Reverse Mortgage, allowing them to use the extra money to live better for as long as they live.

Why should you choose Somerset over all other mortgage lenders? Here are a few reasons:

– Fast closing
– Rapid loan decision
– Flexible requirements
– Somerset specializes in loans for new home purchase, home improvement, divorce buyouts, subprime lending, senior lending a.k.a. reverse mortgage, debt consolidation, and low fixed-rate refinancing.

Lock in on a low interest rate right now by using the Free Rate Quote calculator on their website. Simply fill out the required fields and click ‘Submit Request’. They will the send you the best rates available anywhere online. With so many great advantages available to their customers, Somerset is indeed your best choice for mortgage lending. To get your loan, visit their headquarters in New York or any of their branches in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Florida. You may also visit their website for more details, or give them a call toll free at 1-800-675-9783.

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