Many adults are talented in one way or another. Some are great woodworkers, painters, architects, teachers, actors, and parents. Others are firefighters, police officers, soldiers, doctors, and nurses. Children too have talents that are unique to each child in terms of how good they perform them. Many are budding child actors, singers, dancers and models. They look forward to the day when they can be a part of the entertainment industry where they can make a name for themselves. The reality though is that they will face a number of challenges along the way that may prevent them from making it into the big league. Hollywood is the crème de la crème of actors, and this is the destination that child stars are seeking to reach. Generally, to even get past the front door of Hollywood, someone on the inside has to know you. This is not the case with the majority of child actors. As a result, Gonnabe.com has set itself as the resource center for such budding child stars, giving them the opportunity to make a name for themselves.

It is not a talent agency nor a placement service, but according to GonnaBe they are “…a membership based networking center and production company. By signing up with GonnaBe, children â₉€œ and their parents â₉€œ get an opportunity to work with other professionals, to develop their contacts, to audition shows, to gain exposure on major media markets, and to sign with talent agents and managers â₉€œ a great way to build and practice skills.” This is the break that these young artists who have a lot of potential need to showcase their talent. GonnaBe gives young artists the best of both worlds, allowing them and their parents to search their database of up-to-date job postings, meeting celebrities, submiting for Be Productionsâ₉„¢ Casting Calls, posting their resume, taking online classes, and much more. GonnaBe even recently signed up with a major network that has shows appearing in 61 million homes every Saturday. Imagine your child being on one of those shows! I know you would be very proud, and you can just imagine how accomplished your child would feel.

If you have a young artist in your family whom you see has good potential, sign up with Gonnabe.com. Their talent directors have many years of professional experience that children and their parents can use, obtaining advice on managing an entertainment career and how to become a success. Your child’s talent will get them far into the entertainment industry, but with the help of GonnaBe, they will get even further.

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