Dennis C Carey – How To Run A Company

The intricacies that are involved in running a company are varied. Each company has its own culture and as such no two companies are the same. It is very important to have even a basic knowledge and understanding about how your managers and workers think about the company. They are just as concerned about the company they work for as you the manager are. In fact, they are the ones who more often than not known the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. So it is very important to get their input especially at times when drastic decisions that will affect the company’s future are at hand. Dennis C Carey in his book entitled “How To Run A Company – Lessons from Top Leaders of the CEO Academy” discusses these point and more that are truly helpful to business CEO’s and top-level managers.

An excerpt from the book titled “Assessing a Company As an Outsider Coming In” focuses on Raymond V. Gilmartin, chairman and CEO of Merck and Co. Mr. Gilmartin makes some very interesting and important points that are truly beneficial to CEO’s. He speaks of his movement from being CEO of Becton Dickinson, a medical device manufacturer, to Merck, a well-known drug giant. There is mention of the difficulties that he faced during the transition period and how he successfully managed to come through those turbulent times unscathed. An important point that he made about running a company, especially one that you have just been appointed CEO of after working for another company, is that you cannot come and make wholesale changes in the organization without being fully aware if its culture. He also mentions how he was able to acert disaster in his former company by making a recommendation that his then boss decided to follow.

Another important point that he mentioned is that you have to build support in the company. Get the views of all your workers, ask them how they feel the company is doing and what they would do if they were in your shoes. There is a lot more beneficial information to be found in “How To Run A Company – Lessons from Top Leaders of the CEO Academy”. Dennis C. Carey really helped me see how to effectively run a company. You too can benefit from his book by reading it when you get a chance. It is available from Random House, Inc. at a very reasonable price. Do yourself a favour and get a copy today. It is worth the read and the money.

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