Medical Devices

There are many medical devices in hospitals and doctor’s offices that doctors and nurses all around the world use to save the lives of patients and also to make living more enjoyable for patients. Some of them include sterilization products, surgical devices, blood glucose monitoring systems, vascular devices, orthopaedic devices, diabetes management devices, among other lifesaving devices. These technologically advanced medical devices are made and supplied by a number of companies that are involved in the field of medicine in one way or another. The role that play in the field has made the lives of everyone involved much easier – the doctors have quality equipment to care for their patients while the patients are able to receive the best care because of these modern medical devices.

Johnson and Johnson plays a key role in all this. Their Surgical Care Group focuses on advancing various technologies, solutions and services that are used to enhance patient care in the surgical setting everyday. They have global franchises that are made up of said surgical care groups like LifeScan, Inc. – a leading maker of blood glucose monitoring systems; DePuy, Inc. – a developer and marketer of orthopaedic products under well-known brand names; Ethicon, Inc. – a leader in surgical sutures (stitches) and women’s health and urology; Animas Corporation – who are dedicated to reducing the long-term morbidity of diabetes; Advanced Sterilization Products – a provider of hygiene and infection prevention products; Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. – a developer and marketer of advanced medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions in different surgeries; and Cordis Corporation – a world leader in interventional vascular technology. All these care groups work together to ensure that mankind stays healthy longer.

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