How To Properly Paint An Iron Grill

The preceding is NOT a paid post:

When you are going to paint iron of any kind, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure that it does not rust underneath the paint. An improperly prepared and painted piece of iron can easily lose its paint and start stripping. So why not do the job right the first time? So here is how you should prepare an iron grill before painting it:

1. Using a wire brush and file, remove any odd ends that might be on the iron.
2. Wipe off the grill thoroughly with a piece of damp cloth and allow to dry.
3. Using a paint brush, apply primer to the grill evenly and allow to dry properly.
4. Paint the grill in your desired colour. It is best to use oil paint when painting the grill or any iron-type material. Water paint helps to keep off water and other liquids, thus preventing rusting and corrosion.
5. Allow the paint to dry properly.

It is so easy to paint grills. Make your next job a success and do it from the start.

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