LifeLock Identity Protection

Can you truly say that you are able to guarantee your good name? Not many people can because they have suffered from what everyone hopes will never happen to them – identity theft. The truth be told, there are millions of persons who have their identities stolen every year, resulting in loss of good credit and their names being tagged to fraudulent activities that they never committed. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United Stares with over 9 million persons becoming victims each year. It is simply not enough to just be careful as this does not prevent identity theft, and even more so not enough to help you to detect it. To help persons protect their identity, lifelock has a wonderful program that has helped thousands prevent identity theft from happening to them.

Before I even mention about the services that lifelock has to offer, let me first of all say what Identity Theft means to me. Identity Theft is the unauthorized use of another persons identity, including social security number, address, credit cards, image or photograph, and any other personally identifiable items, in an attempt to commit fraud with said items. The main purpose of the thief is to use the stolen individual’s identity to conduct business or pleasure activities without exposing his or her true identity. These fraudsters use other persons credit cards to buy things in the the name of the cardholders, usually these purchases being objects and items that the defrauded person would never buy. For instance, can you imagine a 96 year old man with severe arthritis and a bad lower back buying a 2008 Kawasaki motorcycle? Now, that would certainly raise an alarm.

If my identity was stolen, I would be utterly devastated. I would surely have to cancel all my credit cards immediately and report the matter to the police. I would even go as far as registering with a company like lifelock who, from the moment you are enrolled with them, contact credit bureaus to request fraud alerts be sent to you, set locks on your credit by asking banks to call you to ensure that you are the one who is applying for the credit, restrict junk mail sent to you, and block pre-approved credit offers from reaching you. There are many other services that they offer that are of great benefit to their members. If you are serious about protecting your identity, then LifeLock is a name you can trust. Their highly trained specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1 800 LIFELOCK (543-3562). Give them a call right now or check their website for more information and to enroll today.

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