Google and Paid Links – How To Get On Google’s Good Side

Google has a big issue with bloggers displaying paid links on their websites. As a result, many bloggers have seen a drop in their page rank ratings, some even going down to zero. This has forced many bloggers who once had high PR ratings and depended on the income generated from their blogs as a result to quit blogging and find alternate means of obtaining funds online. A mean gesture it would seem for Google to do that, and many bloggers now have the word “Google” blacklisted in their vocabulary. There are ways to appease the Google dragon, according to Matt Cutts who works at Google. There are four ways he mentioned that are summarized here.

The problem with the “nofollow” attribute is that most advertisers who get their sites blogged about do not want it affixed to the hyperlink to their website. This is where the blogger suffers and is basically caught between a rock and a hard place! To show you how far Google has gone to find websites with paid links, they have put in place a way for persons to report them. Read what Matt Cutts says right here. Talk about biting the hands that helped you to reach where you are today. Anyway, it’s Google’s world (for now) and there is really nothing much we all can do apart from the suggestions we get from time to time. Happy blogging y’all!

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