Win US$100 in Prize Money

How easy do you think it is to win US$100? Based on what I have read, it is much easier than you may think. All it involves is writing a blog about the contest or subscribing to the RSS feeds of specific blogs or simply posting comments on those blogs. This contest is the brainchild of Joe Tech, a well known internet entrepreneur and self-proclaimed geek.

I am sure you are itching to see how you can get a chance at winning the 100 smackeroos. Here is how you can gain entries into the competition:

As it concerns the following websites:
Link Bait
Gorilla Sushi
CK Marketing
– The Big Bald Blog
– How 2 Blogger
– Jason Boom
Mr Javo

what you need to do is:

– Make a comment of value (not just “i agree”, etc.) on a post = 1 entry (remember to comment on all blogs)

– Subscribe to RSS via email = 2 entries (per blog you subscribe to!)

– Write a post about the contest on your blog (must include a link to this page and the links below to participating blogs) = 25 entries

My 25 entries have already been secured with my writing of this post on the contest. You need to get going to secure your chance of winning US$100. Start blogging, subscribing, or commenting today.

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