First Viral Film Festival April 28, 2008 NYC

Short films have become a main stay on the internet as time goes by. Many people prefer them to the conventional long films that at times seemingly tend to drag on without end. They have caught on so much now that they are being sent by one internet user to another to another and so on, so much so that they are compared to viruses that spread like wild fire. Just as how a virus spreads from one person to another until many people have caught it, these videos are spreading all over the internet to the point where they are now referred to as Viral Videos or Viral Films. Advertisers too have taken hold of the popularity of this new phenomenon making their ads into Viral Films or appearing in Viral Movies. In celebration of this grand rise of viral films, Vanksen | Culture Buzz and BEFILM the Underground Film Festival are happy to introduce the first Viral Film Festival to be held in New York on April 28, 2008.

The two groups are presenting the Viral Film Festival in association with and the The show will feature the best of the latest crop of Viral videos. All are invited to come and participate in this premier event, which will be held at The Dolby, 1350 Avenue of The Americas (corner of 55th St. & 6 Ave). Due to limited space, you need to register now at If you are an advertiser, you will be able to see how other advertisers have veered from the traditional forms of advertising and sought alternative marketing strategies to boost their profits. In essence, viral videos originated out of an effort to invent new ways to attract the attention of over stimulated consumers. The festival promises to be more than you expect, so reserve your place today.

The promoters of the Viral Film Festival are calling for creative video submissions that will be showcased during the festival. Those who are interested can submit their films, specs and viral videos at By launching this innovative event for the new viral video format, Vanksen | Culture-Buzz is once again taking Buzz marketing to a new level. Be a part of this grand event by sending in your submissions now and registering online. This is an event you surely will not want to miss!

The preceding was a paid post.

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