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Many advertisers are looking for more affordable and effective ways to get their business message out to potential customers. Traditional media like radio, newspaper, television, and community notice boards do not always provide the reach that advertisers need. As such, they have had to go with the times and find newer ways of reaching clients. An increasingly popular means is blog advertising. This kind of advertising is very effective because there are millions of people who not only read blogs but who also get paid for blogging about advertisers’ products and services. So it is clear that the potential reach is very great.

Smorty is one of the services online that connects advertisers with bloggers. The advertisers can pay bloggers to write opinion posts on their business, placing links back to the advertisers site from their blogs. To get paid for blogging, bloggers simply have to write posts as specified by the advertisers, and then once the posts have been approved, the money is sent to the blogger’s PayPal account. Persons who wish to advertise on blogs simply have to sign up with Smorty and list their blogging opportunities. Then they wait until bloggers complete the tasks and then pay them through Smorty. Bloggers who want to get paid to blog should consider this service. You have nothing to lose and money to gain.

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