Affordable Hair Transplants in New Jersey

Almost everywhere you walk, whether in the city or in rural areas, there is at least one man who is suffering from a condition known as hair loss. Simply put, that person is going bald. Hair loss affects men of differing ages. There are cases where it is hereditary and as such almost impossible to avoid. Some people go bald at the front and top of their head while others go bald at the sides or the back of the head. The severity of hair loss also differs from person to person. There are some persons who will lose most of their hair, in other cases all of the hair is lost. There is, however, good news for men who suffer from hair loss. Unlike so-called hair growth formulas that may seem to work for a while, there is the option of performing NJ hair transplants which are more effective and worth the money.

The fact of the matter is that this procedure has been in the making since the 1970’s but has since been perfected in recent years so as to bring it in line with modern techniques. Nowadays, techniques like Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation are used, aiding in the reduction of side effects like headaches after the hair transplant and scalp redness. One of the most sought after and well respected surgeons in this field is Dr. Pistone. He has many satisfied customers who undoubtedly have referred their friends to him. From celebrities to the common man on the street have been operated on by Dr. Pistone, all of whom have had successful hair transplant operations. If you live in or near the New Jersey area, or are able to visit any of the locations where Dr. Pistone is located, and you or a friend are suffering from hair loss, you can check him out. You can even receive a free consultation. You may contact him at 1-866-2-REGROW or you can visit his website for more details.

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