Sneaky Email Scams That You Should Be Aware Of

Scam Emails

In order to get people’s money and identities nowadays, there are thieves out there who will “go the extra mile” to gain ill-gotten profits for themselves. What has become a very common way of doing this is through email messages sent to unsuspecting individuals telling them that they have won money in online lotteries after their email address was picked from a million others. The amounts people are said to “win” varies, and as I have seen for myself can go up to $20,000,000, and even more. I have received so many of these emails that if they were all true, I would be a multi-billionaire by now! In any case, if you should happen to get one of these emails in your inbox, disregard it and delete it immediately. DO NOT RESPOND TO THE QUERIES OF THE EMAIL. They generally ask that you send them your name, address, occupation, telephone number, etc. in order to “claim your funds” – in reality it is the way in which they get info on you and thus try to get money by pretending to be you.

Another popular scam is where you receive an email from someone who addresses you as “Dearly Beloved” or comes to you in “The Name of Jesus”. These phrases are used to fool people into believing that the sender of the email has your best interest at heart or that they are desperately in need of funds for a non-existent charity or to fund a “life-saving” surgery. Many even go as far as putting up fake websites which they make reference to in their emails so as to appear legit. You may find these sites online for a while, but they quickly fade away and soon become non-existent. Do not be fooled. These people are only seeking ways to get your money. Do not send them any money nor respond to their request for your personal information.

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