ClickBank AD Box Special Edition

Many people sell ClickBank products in an attempt to benefit from affiliate sales. ClickBank is one of the most used affiliate programs online, with many persons claiming to make a good living off affiliate income generated through ClickBank. It has now become much easier to boost your ClickBank income using ClickBank AD Box Special Edition. This powerful script generates AdSense-like ads that you can place on your website or blog. When visitors click on the links in the ads and buy products, you get up to 75% of the sale as an affiliate. You simply have to generate ads based on specific keywords and place them on your site wherever you see fit.

Here is how ClickBank AD Box Special Edition works:

1. Select the style of ad you wish to create. Choose from 15 sizes and shapes.
2. Select a border and background color that will compliment your site’s look.
3. Enter a keyword or subject to create the ads or target your website audience.
4. Click ‘Create Ad Code’ to show you a preview of your ad and the website code.
5. Copy and paste the code into your web page and you are up and running.

You need to have a ClickBank account in order for you to benefit from their affiliate commissions. To join ClickBank, click here. To get your copy of ClickBank AD Box Special Edition, click here now. The money you make back as an affiliate will make you realize that the small amount you invest in getting this powerful script pales in comparison to what you can make as an affiliate.

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