Do Not Pay For Jobs Someone Offers You Online or Offline

Do Not Pay For Jobs Someone Offers You Online or Offline

When you get a job offer from a regular business place, you are not asked to pay them in order to get the job. It is they who employ you and then pay you when you are due to get payment. This principle should hold true for other types of businesses, whether online or offline. What we have been seeing on an increasing scale is persons offering work from home opportunities and asking for money in order for people to get the jobs. A common case in point is the “stuff envelopes” job which is generally a scam. Others include “type from home” jobs where people ask you to pay for a list of companies that offer these opportunities. The majority of these are also scams, especially since they are asking you to pay for a job that they are offering.

That is utter rubbish. If you are looking for a job and see an offer that you like and the person is telling you that you need to pay some money in order to get the job, more than likely it is a scam. DO NOT PAY MONEY TO ANYONE WHO IS OFFERING YOU A JOB. Since they are the ones who want you to work for them, they are the ones who should be paying you. To prove how scam-in-nature many of them are, I tried a few in the past and got nowhere. They even said that there is a money back guarantee – to this date no money has been returned by any of them. In many cases, if you try to contact them ,you never get a reply. There is one in particular that I vividly recall that asked you to pay them money in order for you to get paid to drive your car, read emails, stuff envelopes, and so on. You can read my review about that company by clicking here. Remember – NEVER PAY FOR A JOB OPPORTUNITY. ONLY THE PERSON WHO IS OFFERING THE JOB SHOULD BE PAYING YOU.

It’s a new year. Let us all do our best to stamp out the online and offline scam and fraud schemes. Many more will pop up so be on the alert. And once they ask you to pay them money for work that they are offering, this should immediately raise a red flag. Do not pay them any money.

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