The Use of Alternate Sources of Energy

With the rising cost of crude oil, all its by-products are seeing a dramatic increase in their prices. This means that petroleum, gasoline, dieseline, kerosene, and other products will be costing more over time. So the price of gas and electricity bills will rise. The price of a barrel of US crude oil is now over $95. So we need to seek alternate means of providing energy so as to reduce the overall cost of energy bills. There is hydro-electric power which is generated from water via damns which have massive turbines that generate the needed electricity. There are many countries that use this type of power, especially if there are a lot of water sources that can be tapped to produce the energy.

Wind energy has been harnessed from the breeze using wind mills that are located in areas high velocity winds. Countries like Holland and Jamaica use these mills to turn turbines which generate the electricity which is either used immediately or stored for later use. A more controversial, yet cheap, means of generating electricity is using nuclear reactors. Many industrialized nations like the United States and Iraq use this form of energy. It is however one of the more dangerous forms of generating power as one wrong move could spell disaster. Remember Chernobyl? A final energy source is the sun – solar energy. Using solar panels, the power of the sun is being harnessed to run offices, homes, and some power plants. These alternate sources of power will definitely help to save on energy bills over time.

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