Coke Zero – Life As It Should Be

Have you seen the latest Coca Cola soda? Better yet, have you tasted it? The fact that it has the word “zero” as a part of its name means something is missing from it. Yep, it’s called Coke zero and, yes you guessed it, it has no sugar. As part of the promotion of their new flavour, the Coca Cola company has dug up some old black and white film clips that they allow you, as the director, to manipulate using a voice recorder that is very easy to use. “The conversation” for your edited clip can even be written on some lines that are provided. When you are done, your movie will compete with others to see which gets the highest rating. If you want to get in on the action, you need to visit the Coke Zero website, direct your movie, and wait for the ratings to pour in.Coke zero : Life as it should be : Real taste, zero sugar. That is what it is all about. Since sugar tends to aid in the fattening process, the Coke company decided to go sugar-free with this one. It is obviously healthier too. The original taste has not been lost – the only difference is that there is no sugar. Maybe you should give it a try and see how it tastes. You may just be pleasantly surprised. In fact, you may even feel like a new you, causing you to experience life as it should be.

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