The Better Brand Computer

Which brand of computer do you think is the best? To tell you the truth, I really wonder the same thing myself. So to make things easier on myself, I build my own. Instead of going out to buy a computer that has features that I don’t want or one that does not have features I want, I build my own. This way, I can put together a machine that suits me. Don’t get me wrong though. There are a number of computers on the market that are good.

I have used, more than all else, Dell computers. This is followed by HP and then Toshiba. They all have good points to them and as technology advances, the components become more and more expensive and thus requires that you fork out a lot of money for features that you do not want. For example, a HP computer may have a video card that is great for games when all you want is a computer that you use to type a few letters. See what I mean? Anyhow, we all have our favourite brands. Mine is “The One I Built”. What’s yours?

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