Pioneer CDJ-MK800 CD Player

Pioneer CDJ-MK800 CD Player
I have used many different types of CD players over the years. Believe me, any conceivable problem that you can think of I have practically encountered nearly all of them. These range from the “NO CD” error (even when there is a CD in it) to the player playing and them suddenly stopping. In any case, there are good and bad CD players on the market today. My experience particularly with the Pioneer CDJ-MK800 CD Player has not been fun. Mind you, the design and all look alright but it still leaves a lot of question marks. I am not the only person who has voiced similar displeasure with this particular CD player.The first few days using it was fine. Then came the rude awakening. The CD’s started to get stuck in it. It would start playing and then stop. The CUE function stopped working. The PLAY button all of a sudden seemed to get stiff. The tempo control started freaking out wildly. And there were times when the CUE IN and CUE OUT lights flashed even though no points were set. I think the Pioneer CDJ-MK800 CD Player is one of the worst CD players ever made, especially when compared to its more stable and reliable brother the CDJ-1000MK2. I would not encourage anyone, more specifically disc jockeys and those who are heavy users of CD players, to buy the Pioneer CDJ-MK800 CD Player. It will let you down, as it already has many others, including myself.

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