Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola – Who rules?

Pepsi OR Coca Cola

Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Which do you prefer? My favourite is Pepsi because it tastes much better than Coke. It is also harsher and less sweet. Many foreigners would disagree with me because Americans, for example, have a preference for Coca-Cola. But as far as I am concerned, Coke is just sugar and water with a little tang to it. There is no excitement involved when drinking Coke. But, on the other hand, a nice cold drink of Pepsi re-energizers you and brings you back to life. If you are thirsty and feel as if you cannot do anything else, and have a lot of work to do, Pepsi will give you the boost that you need.The tastes are very different and can be the difference between a satisfying drink and just a drink.I also like how Pepsi has tried variations over the years (thought the original Pepsi is still the best). I have tried Pepsi Blue, Cherry Pepsi, and Diet Pepsi (yuk!). But the original black, unspoilt, Pepsi is the king. Coca-Cola comes no where near Pepsi. Your opinion may differ, but Pepsi rules.Note: All images are the copyright of their respective trademark owners. Review Central has no affiliation with either entity.

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