Web Hosting Companies

I have used a number of web hosting companies and finally narrowed down the ones that delivered the better services, in my opinion. Here they are:

Lunar Pages – Hosting: $6.95 per month (Basic Hosting) Other: Domain name free for life with hosting. Can host up to 10 add-on domain names on same hosting plan. Various hosting services available. Uptime: 99.1%

Webmasters.com – Hosting: $9.95 per month Other: Domain name free with hosting. Can host up to 100 add-on domain names on same hosting plan. Server: Dedicated or Shared (your choice) . Uptime: 98.9%

Joe Bucks Hosting – Hosting: Free Pre-requisites: Must join their Herbal Affiliates program (also free). Uptime: 99.9%

Try them out for yourself and see which one is the best for you.

Thoughts Aside

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